Veterans Visit

Veterans Hospital Visit

Come join us as we visit veterans at the Cincinnati Veterans Hospital in Clifton! Help brighten their day by letting them know that we are thinking of them on Veterans Day.



Cincinnati VA Hospital

3200 Vine St

Cincinnati, OH 45220



November 11th, 2017 (Veterans Day)


Story From 2017 Visit

These cookies were delivered to our heroes, the Veterans, on Veterans Day on November 11th.  We visited the Veterans and thanked them for their service and gave them a pin and a cookie.  They thanked us when we should be thanking them. We met all ages of Veterans from men and women.  It was a great experience for us. We would like to thank Kenneth “KC” Carter who escorted us around to visit the patients rooms.

When I went to Blue Ash Krogers to pick up the cookies Saturday morning I had several items in my cart.  Like always there was only one full service lane open.  I went in line, there was this man who had a full cart standing in front of me.  He noticed that I only a few items so he said that I could go ahead of him.  I did, I thanked him and as I was putting my items out to get rang up he noticed the two boxes of cookies and asked me if I was having a party.  I told him that I am the director of a nonprofit that raises money for local Veterans and I am going to Veteran Hospital since it is Veterans day to thank the Veterans and give them a cookie with our logo on it.  He was so friendly he asked what he could do to help and I told him to check out our website…

He said NO, what can I do today to help.  He told the cashier that he wanted to pay for the cookies. I told him he didn’t have to and he said that he appreciate what we were doing and insisted on paying for them.  I was so shocked that a stranger would do this he is a true Patriot and I can not thank him enough.  The cookies were only $40.00 but it meant so much to me that someone appreciated what we were doing and wanted to help our local Veterans.

This American Patriot’s name is Brian Truty.  It took some investigating but we found out this name. I received a message from his wife Susan who said that they both come from military families.  Thank you again Brian for helping to support our local Veterans. God Bless you and your family for the service to our country!!!!