Meet the Team

Donna Daskevics


Being born raised in a very conservative household here in the greater Cincinnati area Donna was always a patriot.  She remembers as a child the kitchen in her child hood home had red white and blue wallpaper and curtains. Her father always wore a American Flag lapel pin on his suits everyday at work. Which at that time was very unusual.    After all of these years she still has the pin from her father that she does wear on occasion.  As a child, Donna’s father was in charge of the Fourth of July festival and parade  in the community that she lived.  Being a true patriot was very important to her family.  She was raised to always respect the military and this country that we are lucky to live in.

To this day she has always had a deep respect for our military and the sacrifices that they have made to help make this country great. What really hit her was several years ago she took her daughter (while she was still in school) to Washington DC, and looking at the wonderful history of this county and especially the war monuments really hit home with Donna. It was a moment that really affected her by looking at the statues of the fighting military. Also in her recent travels  abroad she has a deep respect for this country and all of the things that it stands for and realizes if it wasn’t for our past men and women who has served we would not have the freedom that this great country of ours has given us throughout the years. Being able to travel abroad gives you the sense of appreciate of what this country is about and all of the freedom that we have that other countries do not. Unfortunately this freedom did come at a price for a lot of our men and women.

Every time Donna hears the Star Spangle Banner it brings a tear to her eye knowing what it means and for the men and women who has lost their lives so we have the freedom to be able to salute the flag. In the past several years Donna has raised money for several military organizations until with the help of a friend CincyVetFest was started. in the Spring of 2017.

Donna hopes to be able to open the eyes of the public to the needs of the Veterans and their families here locally.  We sometimes seem to forget about the sacrifices that our military families make on a daily basis.  Parents, spouses, children all go on a daily basis not knowing if their love one is safe or not.  It is our duty to make sure that these families are helped and protected.  That is why Donna is so passionate about this cause.

Sergeant First Class (SFC) Steven Jessie

Military Coordinator

Sergeant Steven Jessie, Born 1959, was raised in Norwood, Ohio. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1978, where he was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division as a Paratrooper for 8 Years, when he left Active Duty in 1986.

He Joined to Ohio Army National Guard in 1989, where he served in Infantry and Anti Tank positions. He also Served as a Tank Company First Sergeant. Sergeant Jessie spent 22 years in the Army National Guard before taking a year long Break in 2010.

Sergeant Jessie Currently Serves in the U.S. Army Reserve, where his primary function is performing military honors At Veteran Funerals, having done so at over 3.000 Veteran Funerals.

Sergeant Jessie’s Mantra is Simple and Sincere “Anything For A Veteran.”

Nicole Kupper

Staff Photographer

Nicole Marie Kupper is a photographer and videographer for Cincy Vet Fest. Nicole is proud to say that she’s a graduate from the school for creative and performing arts, and attended Antonelli College for photography. Nicole is proud to handle the photographic and videographer needs for the veterans we assist. She comes from a family of veterans — including her father — so she has a deep respect for the veterans and what our nonprofit stands for. Nicole has a history as a journalist & photographer, starting in Chicago. Nicole currently lives in the Greater Cincinnati area and is the proud mother of three school-aged children.

Teresa Jacobsen

Teresa is a Realtor whose connection with VA loans goes back to the first house she and her husband bought together using her husband’s VA loan entitlement.  She and her husband lived on U. S. Navy bases in California during the conflict in Vietnam after he served three tours of duty in the Pacific (including muddy water in Viet Nam) aboard the USS Mt. Katmai (AE16).   He is also a plank owner on the USS Flint (AE32).

Chris Davenport

Student Volunteer

Christopher Sabastian Davenport was born April 9 in Youngstown Ohio. He was a fighter and a warrior right from the start. Chris had to have surgery at 8 weeks old and he came through it like a champ. His first smile was the day he was released from the hospital. His mother knew then that she had a strong child on her hands.

Christophers grandmother was an MP in the Air-force. And his grandfather flew a jet in the Air-force. His great grandfather was a naval captain who served 30 years and his great grandmother was a nurse in the military. Which is where the two met. Christopher comes from a very long line of proud and honorable service members. His love and respect for the armed forced and it’s members is only out matched by his love for our great country and everything our flag represents.
Christopher is a good student with a bright future ahead of him. He has excellent moral character. A fighting spirit. And always has a hand out to help up those who have fallen.