About Cincy VetFest

Cincy VetFest is a 501C nonprofit and is ran by volunteers who are passionate about helping our local men and women from the military.

Throughout the year we have small fundraisers that benefit our local veterans, which leads up to our large festival in the early Autumn. Please visit the events page for more information!

We do not just help our military men and women, but we also help their families. We all know the sacrifices their families make and we also help support them throughout the year.

We all know that Cincinnati is a festival town. It seems after Memorial Day until the end of Summer every church and community has a festival. We are not sponsored by any church or community. We have volunteers from the community who help with this great cause.

Why are we involved?

We at Cincy VetFest are involved in this to try to help our Veterans of all ages and their families. We are blessed to live in a country with the freedoms that we have and we realize that it is our Veterans that we should thank.

Having these events are our way of showing our support and appreciation for the veterans and their families.

We at Cincy VetFest try to always thank a veteran for their service. Every time we see a Veteran, we give them one of our pins (shown below) to thank them and to show our appreciation.

Cincy VetFest’s goal is to open the eyes of the community concerning the needs of our Veterans and their families!